Dark mode not Syncing with System

Hi all,

I have

sync with system

selected in the theme mode setting. However, I don’t see the colors on github changing at night. I don’t think it is syncing with my system. Am I the only one facing this?


Hi @devngc - this behavior is based on prefers-color-scheme and for me it syncs instantly upon change. What web browser and operating system are you using?



Thanks for responding @GalaxyAllie. I am using Chrome on Windows 10 Pro.

Hi @devngc - what version of Chrome and what version of Windows are you running? prefers-color-scheme was added in Chrome 76.

Chrome version 91.0.4472.77
Windows 10 Pro 21H1

Hi @devngc - that should definitely work. I just tested it and it works for me on the same setup. Could you please try manually changing between dark and light mode in Windows and seeing if it follows your appearance settings?

I’m wondering if it may only be failing to update when it switches automatically, thus why I can’t reproduce it.

Same thing happens for me. I’ve enabled dark mode in Windows, but the setting doesn’t get applied in Github.
Firefox 89.0.2 (64-Bit)
Windows 10 v2004