Dark Mode may hide things

In the following example, the arrows between the nodes can’t really be seen in the dark mode.



Compared to this in light mode

It would be really nice if anyone here could just take one or two seconds to look at the front page of this category or use the search function or use Google or think for like a millisecond about the possibility that you aren’t the first person experiencing this. I’m sorry, but theme context support is a feature I and many others really need and want to know the status about, and creating duplicate posts out of ignorance and effectively spamming this board won’t make that happen faster. Congrats, now a staff member has to waste their time merging yet another topic into the original one. Thanks for your “feedback”, I guess.



Wow, that’s a way to discourage people to give feedback! Especially when there is a button explicitly asking for it. Of course, if people want help or something, then they should google it first. But when I am asked for feedback, I won’t google if my text has “intellectual overlap” with ALL other feedback given. What you call “effectively spamming” is absurd. I bet your comment also has intellectual overlap with some other random post on the internet, checked and googled for that, linking instead of posting and effectively spamming EVEN MORE?

My point is, now you wasted even more time, mine, yours, the OPs time and you have not solved anything. Instead of discouraging people to give feedback (and here some care was taken, screenshots added etc.) handle it or leave it.

Here I am not following this nice yellow box at the side and explicitly criticizing you, or rather your action. So next time follow the rules and don’t put people down who want to help.

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