Dark mode is great, yet I'd like to have my Boxes lightened

Thx for the Dark Mode! It’s great.

However, I would appreciate having my README.md and my source on a conventional light background and everything around dark. Is this somehow feasible?

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@dyle71 thanks for taking the time to share the suggestion and feedback! Can you help me better understand why you’d want to have your README have a light background even in dark mode? We’ve been hearing from a lot of customers that due to transparent pngs with dark colors (i.e. a black logo) being almost completely invisible in dark mode, they would like us to support theme context for light vs dark mode images in the README. I’m curious if this is also the root of your request or if its something else.

@gaknoll thx for the quick reply. Well, yes. Now, dark mode is quite some fashion these days and I too switched to dark mode… that is, if it is not too dark. Let me take an example: my operating system is currently kubuntu and it ships with 3 modes: a conventional light mode, a new full dark mode and a so-called “kubuntu” mode which is basically dark mode, but with light window content. E.g. all of the operating system theme is dark, but the real data you are working on - for instance in an text editor - has light background. This is what appeals most to me. I can pass on some images/screenshots to demonstrate this, if you want.

This has quite some benefits for everyday use. While in light mode your eyes are stressed since everything on the screen just “blends” in and hits your eye. You have to sort out, which of all the flashy items on the screen are important and which are not. This has an act of “sorting out”. Everything on the screen is “screaming” for attention.

When you are going full dark, then you face the total contrary problem: everything is dark and calm and you stress your eyes to find the issues you need. Everything on the screen hides away. This is very different problem, albeit it is very, very similar to full light.

The mixture mode I’m speaking of is a combination. By lightening up portion of the application or service as designer you steer the humans attention to the lighter part where to main information ought to be. And that’s a plus.

Now not everything needs to be dark. A lot of people using “darcula” color schemes within their IDE. True, but these people are usually working on code the know very well. So they already are much aware of the information presented. This is different to a situation in which I do not have all info … and this basically any other situation I did not authored.

I played around a bit and I think, when I lighten up the “Box” CSS class of the github page while within dark mode, I’m getting closer to what I want. Yet the embedded colors within this “Box” are of course not matching a light background any more…

I hope, that helps a bit. =)