Dark mode high contrast affects light mode

It’s a bit counterintuitive that my light mode color scheme changed due to a beta feature labeled as “dark mode”. Thankfully I lucked into turning the dark mode setting off to restore my light mode display.

Regarding the light mode presentation – you did achieve higher contrast for the most part. The one color that still really fails is the violet color put against diff backgrounds; the violet is slightly too bright and vibrates with the richer background fills…

Also, I’d suggest that the line numbers on the left are slightly TOO dark and contrasting. They’re absolutely secondary information, yet have a darkness that causes them to compete with the code for visual priority.

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+1 from me, I had this experiment enabled for a while, but this week it also started to affect light mode. This seems unintended, since contrast got kind of borked for me this way, for instance the background for these icons became almost white instead of contrasting:
Zrzut ekranu 2021-08-26 o 13.50.40

+1, here are more scenarios where light mode is affected. Notice e.g. the grey vs. blue bar for last commit information; the higher contrast separator lines for files.

Dark mode high contrast on (signed in)

Dark mode high contrast off (private window)