Dangerous copyright reform

I couldn’t find the most appropriate category to write this but, check out these links:

I think github should do a blackout like how other sites do. This time, the site remains locked (no user can post, upload, download, and shows a page asking the user to protest it) until those provisons are protested or rejected. Something like “we cannot safely operate under this copyright regime landscape”.

There is no way platforms can thrive under this copyright regime. The “notice and staydown” is essentially the copyright industry (MPA(A), RIAA, and other such organizations of corporations)'s threating message to the internet to “police harder or we’ll sue you”. To make sure materials “stay down” is impossible, criminals aren’t dumb, they’ll try methods at evading lawsuits, takedowns, and other acts of enforcement. Even with an automated system, someone is going to find ways to avoid it, such as submitting it in a different form (editing it, using steganography, etc.)

There are other problems like the CASE act that makes it easy for anyone to sue someone at such an exorbitant fee of $30,000, and can be abused for copyright trolling.