Customized Phone Answering for Laptop

Hello, My autistic, tech savy son needs help with something, and since he is in a place with no computer or Internet for possibly one year (nothing creepy, he got into trouble with driving - didn’t hurt anyone or anything) , I am positing this for him.  He would like to remotely access his laptop (here with me) from a landline where he must use a third-party service called Securus. Due to this service, he cannot simply call in to his laptop. We want to purchase or set up a laptop phone that will answer his calls, wait x amount of seconds before doing anything, and then “press” one. At that point he can talk, leaving a voicemail or remotely interacting with his computer

I have found programs that allow people (mostly visually impaired) to interact with computers using an audio program. However, this is done while sitting at the computer so it can hear you; whereas, my son must do this remotely via a phone. This would work if I were available to hold my phone, speaker on, in front of his laptop when he calls. Then he could, using the audio program, enter text and code, and “read” GitHub, his blog, etc. 

But he wants to be more independent and allow me more time for my own work. He wants to interact with others of similar interests, and even try collaborating on a project here. So the first step is finding a program or how to create one that: 

1.  Installs a phone or uses a service such as Skype, if it can be hacked.

  1. Programming the laptop’s phone to answer his call, wait a specified number of seconds, select “1” and then he can talk.  For example, when he calls me, I wait for the Securus voice to tell me who is calling and to press 1 if I want to accept. This always takes the same amount of time. Do you think it is possible to find a program here that would answer a phone in his laptop, wait 11 seconds, “press” 1 on the phone’s keypad to accept his call?  

Most of my son’s life has been spent on computers and half his life learning programs. He longs to be productive, and the only way, besides his blog (Jordan on Tech and Politics) that I’m typing, slowly, for him, to be productive is to program. It’s his passion. I’m not tech savvy but can follow specific directions to help. This would give him some independence and me time for my own work (writing). 

Please, if you know of any program or one started that he could collaborate on via me, let us know. Again, we need his laptop (Ubunto or Windows 10) to answer his phone calls, but becausde his phone calls are from a landline via a third party service, they can’t simply be answered. The software must answer, wait 11 seconds (for example), select 1 onl phone, he can use one of those programs for visually impaired to speak his blog posts and code, etc. into the computer, listen to the computer read comments, code provided by others, such as if collaborating on a GitHub project, interact with his social media, etc. But the first step we think is…

a phone program for the laptop here at home that can answer his calls as described above. Voice mail would be nice too, but again, it would have to be programmed to pick up the call, wait x number of seconds and then he can talk. 

Any suggestions, knowledge of such a program or ideas on where to find or how to build one will be greatly appreciated. 

Cindy, Jordan’s mom

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