Custom URL disappears when clicking on pages

When I navigate to my custom URL (tudorpopescu dot com) and click on one of the links (e.g. “Publications”), the URL changes to the prefix of my github repo (e.g. For the base URL to stay my custom URL, I thought I just had to add the custom domain name in the repo’s settings - but this seems to break something, as then my site loads as “plain text”, so I had to undo this for now.

From this help doc, I got stuck at step 4: my DNS provider is Netlify, as I had first created my site using the AcademicKickstarter guide and corresponding GH fork; I’ve kept the Netlify connection even though I later used a different site template (the one I forked from). And in the Netlify DNS settings I cannot find any place to create a CNAME record.

In fixing my custom domain request, can I also just altogether eliminate the intermediary step of my site going through netlify, and just use GH Pages? (I am not actually sure if if the above-linked repository is GitHub Pages, or just GitHub?!)

Thanks for any help!

From the looks of things it seems like your site at is actually hosted on a Digital Ocean server, not on GitHub Pages (or at least that’s where your DNS records are pointing!).

If you want to use GitHub Pages to host your site at this custom domain you’ll need to change the DNS settings on your domain to point directly at GitHub, not to these Digital Ocean IPs they’re pointed at right now:

If you’re having trouble setting your DNS then I’d recommend reaching out to the support team of your DNS provider. Most DNS providers have different settings panels so it can be difficult to direct you around them to know what to add, so they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Hi Thomas, and sorry for the late reply. I’ve no idea how Digital Ocean ever got in there, clearly there was some code under the hood I was not aware of in one of the off-the-shelf website templates I had used.

Rather than contact them, I think the easiest for me is actually to just replace Netlify with GitHub (or GitHubPages?! again, not sure which one…) in all places. This way I’d get rid of this DNS confusion that leads to my custom URL being lost upon browsing the site’s internal links, and probably other problems too.

Would you be able to advise how I can do that? Thanks!