Custom fields for PR comments

In Github, can we add a custom field for comments like for every comment an additional field to be added which can help classify the comment was about the code quality or general comment (thanks, looks good etc)?

No, there isn’t a way modify GitHub’s UI in that way. But you could easily create some process on your team or in your organization that uses the comment field in that way. You could use emoji for this too. For example:

  • If the comment is about code quality, you could start it with quality: or :art:
  • If the comment is a general comment, you could start it with comment: or :memo:
  • If the comment is about performance, you could start it with performance: or :horse_racing:

I hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply.

But this will not help in my case. As in organization, we and our client’s employees both commit the changes on github. That’s the large group of people working on many projects together. It will be difficult to implement the rule on organization basis.