Custom Domain showing blank page

The repo I need help with is GitHub - broccoliclub/

I’ve set up everything including the CNAME file, records in my domain, and enforced HTTPS, github pages also shows that the site is published at

But the custom domain shows an empty blank page, it’s been 12 hours

Hi @broccoliclub,

When I visit the domain I’m getting the “1” from the index.html:

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 23.43.56

Maybe you need to clear your caches/dns locally or try a hard-refresh (usually cmd-shift-R but it depends on browser/OS etc.)

Billy :cowboy_hat_face:


it’s already okay, it’s hosting your site now, because that’s the only thing you put on your index.html,

but the site is already working,

you can already update the repo and deploy your site, then wait for sometime and see the result