Custom domain redirects to wrong server

I might be missing something terribly obivous here, but I’m sort of stuck.

My Goal

My apex domain is hosted on my webhoster with A and AAAA, MX, etc. records pointing to their server.

The www. subdomain is hosted using GitHub Pages.

What I did

  • Added a CNAME record for the www. subdomain to point to (which is the repo I want to use for pages).

  • Added the custom domain ( to that repository. This created a CNAME file in the repository, pointing to the domain

What happens

But now, when I browse to, I get redirected to - which then shows the contents of my webshoters server. Although the CNAME clearly points to the GitHub servers.

I did all of this yesterday, so the DNS records are properly published, an I can see that they are when I use nslookup to check the records for the domains involved.

What am I missing?

Hi @flopes89

This appears to be working now. Are you still experienecing the same issues?

Yes, I checked another day later and everything worked as expected. I’m not sure why, though. The DNS entries were already published when I first tried it. Yet my browser still redirected me wrongly. Another day later and he seems to have forgotten the redirect. Weird stuff.