custom domain only works for homepage

Im completley stuck on this, I’ve never had this problem before. The issue is I’m using a custom domain on my github pages, the domain works fine for the home page but for any other pages the custom domain doesn’t work. All I get is the sub domain. As in “” works but “” doesn’t work. Pages will only work with the stock sub domain.

I don’t understand because I’ve never had this issue before. Could it be something I’m doing wrong on github? I’m also using cloudflare, could it be that?

Here is a couple screen shots the first is the correct name. the second should be but it only works for the github sub domain. 

Hi @yotzu

I took a look at the repositories associated with your GitHub user and I think I figured out what’s going on here. 

Domain inheritance on GitHub Pages, where your custom domain automatically applies to Project Pages sites, only occurs when your custom domain is configured with a User Pages site.

Because your custom domain,, is configured with your “home” repository, it’s not being applied to every other Pages site you have. If you’d like to change this, you can rename your “home” repository to be named “” and your custom domain will then be used by your “test” repository the way you expect it to be.

Yes, that was exactly the problem! Thank you so very much! This has been bugging me for days now