Custom domain not appearing in Google search

Hi all,

I have a custom domain, tudorpopescu dot com, which redirects to my site hosted at wildetudor dot github dot io (not allowed to post links in this thread apparently?!).

I wanted to see how this site appears in a Google search for Tudor Popescu research, and noticed that it is the GitHub URL given above that appears, and not the custom one. I don’t think it’s a matter of Google not having yet crawled/indexed my site, as it’s been online for several months.

How can I make so that Google searches that would bring up my site link to its custom URL and not to the GitHub URL, at least for the home (starting) page of the site?

Many thanks!

Google should index your site eventually but it might take some time to start showing up. I’d recommend taking a look at the link in this thread to request Google indexes your site:

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Thanks Thomas, I will do that. Is it however not an issue that relates to the custom URL not being entirely inter-changeable with the github one, rather than an issue of Google crawling?

The URLs should be interchangeable, as long as you’ve set them up correctly according to our documentation.

There’s a few different steps depending on what type of domain you’re setting up—whether it’s an apex domain or a domain with a www—so I can’t point you to the exact instructions.

You’ll also need to make sure this is actually set up using DNS records and not a “forward” or anything like that as that will mean your domains are not interchangeable.

But if this is set up correctly then Google should eventually crawl your custom domain.

So far I just followed the standard DNS configuration suggested by my domain provider (namecheap), so presumably it involves an actual DNS record of theirs. These include nameservers such as

However, in namecheap’s DNS configuration settings I found no place where to enter (as per the Google Search Console instructions) a “TXT record”, of the form google-site-verification=…