Custom domain loading blank page with namecheap

Hi everyone. I hoping someone could help me figure out why my website is coming up blank.

I made sure that all of the host records were correct and even changed the “homepage” in my package.json to “” but I still keep getting a blank page.

I not to sure what exactly I’m missing, can anyone help me?

first, there is no repo, that’s why the page is 404, did you delete that already ?

what you are referring maybe is this which is I think, fixed by now, including the custom domain


Thank you for responding. Shortly after I took a posted this the site began to work. I’m guessing that it just need time to make the connect? I’m not complaining, it works and that’s all that matters.

yup, there will be a delay

and I’m not very sure if that was at the time there was a GitHub Pages degraded performance