Custom Domain in Limbo

Hi GitHub,

Please allow me to begin by stating that the following matter is HIGHLY IMPORTANT because my custom domain name is no longer going to be usable given the following problem — which I hope the good people at GitHub can reverse, help, or assist.

I set up my GitHub Pages with my repo, alongside my custom domain name, everything has been working correctly — but now I no longer have access to the login credentials of my GitHub account

So as you can see by reading the title of this post — my custom domain name is now connected to my unaccessible GitHub account & repo — and because of such; I can not remove any CNAME files or disable any Settings in the needed repo.

Of course, GitHub has data removal policies, but unfortunately my scenario does not seem to be within the scope of the policies.

Additionally, in accordance with the following post from GitHub Staff (

If you have lost access to the email address on your account and you don’t remember your GitHub password , there might not be anything we can do other than recommend that you make a new account. However, if you’d like to be sure, you can contact support directly

Obviously that doesn’t sound very optimistic, plus considering the fact that my support ticket was already answered with a negative outcome. So this is why I am writing this open post on the forums — I hope a Staff can perhaps look deeper into my issue because unfortunately my [custom domain name’s] fate is in your hands GitHub.

I hope we can solve this together.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Hey, you can verify your domain name here:

Once you’ve done that, it’ll take 7 days for it to be removed from the other account.