Custom domain HTTPS issues with GoDaddy


I tried to follow similar posts on the community forum but nothing really worked so far:

also found some step-by-step instructions in this Gist: but I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Here’s my github page: and here is my DNS config from godaddy:

the top A record is added when I’m setting up the http->https forward:

even if the box Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change is unchecked.

Any other GitHub page users facing the same problem?



CNAME records are for subdomains, such as A records are for apex domains, such as It appears from what you’re showing here, that you’ve configured both the A records and CNAME records to point to the apex domain. This may be what is causing your problem. I would recommend simply starting with the CNAME subdomain records, since those are easiest to get working. Once that is working properly, then experiment with the apex domain stuff.

I hope that helps!

If I got you right then this is the configuration I should have for the www address:

does this mean that I should also change the CNAME record in my github repo to


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@akoskm wrote:

does this mean that I should also change the CNAME record in my github repo to

 Yes, it does.

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