Custom domain for github pages site only works for home page

I’m pointing a domain originally set up through squarespace to my github pages site, and it works as expected for the homepage,, but all other pages lead to a 404 error. When running dig from the command line, I can see that unlike the home page, it’s not using the github pages IP addresses (I assume it’s using squarespace or an affiliated IP). Any ideas on how to address this? Or is this more of a squarespace issue? FWIW, within the squarespace advanced DNS settings, I added the following entries.


(Apologies for not linking the repo, which can be found through my profile, but as a new user I can’t post more than two links.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You need to remove the # from the pages in the include, in your _config.yml file

Should be:

  - _pages

More information specific for your theme:

You could also follow the standard way of creating pages by moving those pages in your root directory, however I’m not sure if some changes would be required for the theme you are using.

Thank you! That did it.