[Custom Domain] Didn't load the index...

Hello, I am having a problem. I just made linked my Freenom website, and everything was fine.

CNAME isn’t duplicated, have my index.html included, any problem?

Here is my code area: https://github.com/raymond-1227/raymond-1227.github.io

Here is my page: https://raymond-1227.tk

it is https://github.com/raymond-1227/raymond-1227.github.io

Freenom is allegedly the worst company ever/a scam. Beware!

i need useful solution

Hi @jhvanderschee,

While we respect your opinion regarding Freenom, it doesn’t exactly relate to the question asked in the original post. We ask that you keep your responses both related and constructive when answering questions.


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You should start with pointing the domain name to Github. Currently the A record for raymond-1227.tk is emtpy. Without the correct DNS settings it will not show at your custom domain name. Also, it would be nice to know which steps you already took. Can you elaborate on that?

I want to repeat that using a Freenom domain name is not a good idea. Why don’t you use the free Github subdomain? That looks more professional (to me), because it is showing that you (know how to) use Git/Github, and it already works. A win-win situation.