Curl works, but HTTP doesn't

For example,

computer:~ user$ curl -H "Authorization: bearer token" -X POST -d " \

> { \

> \"query\": \"query { viewer { login }}\" \

> } \

> "


However, when I attempt the same query using HTTP

{ "data": null, "errors": [{ "message": "A query attribute must be specified and must be a string." }] }
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If you’re talking about httpie, use piping:

echo '{"query": "{viewer{login}}"}' | http POST Authorization:"bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

It seems there were a couple issues on my end. For example, one difference was that cURL automatically adds the User-Agent which one has to add manually using HTTP. I couldn’t figure out the issue with R’s http, but after making sure the query were properly escaped with HTTP.jl I got it to work.

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