Ctrl+K is for jumping to the Firefox-Searchbar. Are you drunk?

This got me pretty upset until I finally found the opt-out. The fact that you either didn’t consider, or even ignored this doesn’t make it better.


I like CTRL+K, since slack and discord use it too. But I agree, a customization setting would be nice.

Edit: sorry, this is apparently already discussed here


@kr4ssi @lucidBrot the keyboard shortcuts have been a huge point of feedback since the launch and we are looking into options to get around the current conflicts in different browsers. This is likely to manifest as a setting to choose which browser shortcut(s) you prefer but we will be discussing it this week.

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This was very confusing for me as I usually use Ctrl + K to search in Firefox.
I now need to open a fresh tab to do a new search. Really annoying.


Ctrl+K is also the shortcut for “make a hyperlink” in a lot of places, including the github editor control.

@gaknoll - This is the way to do it. Please don’t be like JIRA - make sure there is always a “turn it off” or “no shortcut key” option for anything you want to map to a keyboard shortcut.


ctrl+k means search the Web in both Firefox and Chrome. A few other sites hijack that shortcut, but isn’t a good idea, because it breaks the browser shortcuts.

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btw, is this feature integrated to the GUI and easily discoverable or supposed to be only accessed via some cryptic hotkey combination if you know it exists in the first place?

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Hi all - cross posting a proposal we’re exploring and would love your feedback!

Audit matrix

We are currently exploring how we could give users more options in how they open the command palette and would love feedback from the community! Below is a table of how keyboard shortcuts are used across different browsers:

Header command k command option k command shift k command shift p
Safari :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Chrome :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Edge :x: Focus search bar :white_check_mark: :x: Duplicate tab :warning: Print using system dialog
Firefox :x: Focus search bar :warning: Open web console :white_check_mark: :x: New private window


We are considering settings options similar to this list:

  • Default option:
    • Default mode: command k + command option k / Ctrl k + Ctrl alt k
    • Command mode: command shift k / Ctrl shift k
  • Alternate option (Targeting Edge users)
    • Default mode: command option k / Ctrl alt k
    • Command mode: N/A
  • Alternate option (Targeting Firefox users)
    • Default mode: command option k / Ctrl alt k
    • Command mode: command shift k / Ctrl shift k
  • TBD Alternate option (Targeting VS Code users using Chrome or Safari)
    • Default mode:command shift p / Ctrl shift p
    • Command mode: N/A
  • Disable command palette keyboard shortcuts

“Discovering” this feature via trying and failing to use normal browser functionality has already soured me a bit on it. Having the default (so presumably also logged-out) experience break browser functionality still seems very unfortunate. (edit: I don’t want to be negative, I’m just here because the feature preview page asked me to post. I’ve since looked up how to stop sites from overriding Firefox shortcuts so I’m ambivalent about this feature shipping as-is)

Doesnt ctrl-k start a search in Chrome too, not just Firefox?

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Another option might be pressing CTRL + K with Command Palette already open going to browser CTRL + K

That still breaks muscle memory from any other site.

Me too.

Ctrl+Alt+K doesn’t work.

Windows 10, Google Chrome 96

Ctrl+E does the same in Firefox, so no real panic… there must also be a shortcut for jumping to the URL bar, but I don’t know it

I’m not suggesting anyone change their workflow or habits. But if you care to try to adapt or use a workaround “alt + D” shifts focus to the address bar in most modern browsers (on Windows and Linux).

Hey @gaknoll,
How about providing an ability to set key combination by users?
That’s the best approach to satisfy all who want to use it.

Whoever like default will use default. If someone is determined enough to do more work to have better results (productivity) in the future will appreciate the fact that there is a way to configure it.

Ctrl-k is different from alt+d.

Ctrl-k switches from a normal address bar to a search-only address bar. It means “search the Web”, not only jump to the address bar.

Also Firefox has a mode where you have a separate search box. Ctrl-k moves to that search box while ctrl-l moves to the URL bar. (There are advantages to setting things up that way, but even if you don’t ctrl-k is different than ctrl-l or ctrl-d.)

Set up Firefox like this to see the full behavior:

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Do alt + D then start with question mark to search or if you have a separate search field tab to get to it.

I gave the feature preview a spin, but after a couple weeks I had to disable it. Ctrl+K is so ingrained in my muscle memory to start a new search. That’s much more important than the command palette (sorry to say).

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Alt-d takes you to the URL bar and ctrl-k takes you to the separate search box on the right (with multiple search engines). They are different boxes that do different things. It has been this way for probably something like 20 years.

Agreed, was just providing work arounds.

Alt + D then question mark and type is search in Firefox no matter which way you have address/search setup. Alt + D then tab puts you in the separate search box if that’s how you’re operating.

I understand some people can’t or won’t adapt, I also understand that the superior solution is for GitHub to make it configurable, was just trying to provide stop gap ideas.