Ctrl + K is already taken

I like the idea of the command palette, but I have it turned off, because Ctrl + k is search on Edge and Chrome (I think FF too) and it is a key combo I use often. If it was something else, (Ctrl + j)? I would definitely use this feature.

Thanks for all your work on Github :slight_smile:


Hi @mikeebowen! We just shipped a new feature that allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts used to open the command palette. You can now customize the keyboard shortcuts for opening the command palette in search and command modes in the Accessibility section of your user settings.


I also had the same reaction. I found out today how to disable it, and I prefer it disabled because I use Ctrl-K to search all the time. This seems like it should be an opt-in feature rather than opt-out due to the confusion it creates.

also for me the idea of the command palette is good but CTRL+K is already taken for search on chrome and is something that i use a lot.

On MacOS CMD+K is used in all Apple apps for adding a hyperlink. Test it yourself in Notes, Keynote, Apple Mail, etc. Other vendors like Atlassian, also use CMD+K for hyperlinks.
Maybe another key combination is possible?