Ctrl+E started to be a shortcut of `quoting code`

This is very likely also impacting linux users, not just mac users.


Oh dear, please revert :pray:

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+1000. This change contravenes decades of muscle memory. Absolutely infuriating. Please revert, use Cmd, if you must but not Ctrl (on Mac), or turn it into a user option.


Cmd-E key should also not be used on the Mac to add back ticks. Command-E is a standard system-wide command to use the current selection for search, so it’s very common to do something like command-e and then command-g when you have a word selected to find the next occurrence of that word. Adding a command-e keybinding for back ticks would break this standard behavior. (It’s not as bad as replacing control-e, which personally I use way more, but it would still be better to avoid it.)

Adding a user option would be great (either to turn off specific keybindings or to change them). :+1:

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Yeah, this is really extremely profoundly jarring. I’ve been composing in an external editor to copy in to GitHub all day, because the current editor is basically unusable for me right now.

Ctrl-E, Ctrl-K, and Ctrl-B are all doing the wrong thing.

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Hey everyone!

Thanks for your patience and continued feedback. We should now have updated behavior.

If you’re still not able to use your past commands, please do a hard refresh and try again.

If you still can’t run a command, let us know which, and I’ll do my best to report up and back.

Cheers :bow:


Confirmed that a “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” in Chrome did the trick. Thank you for being so responsive!

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Thanks so much to GitHub folks for getting this fixed so quickly! It’s very relieving to be able to type efficiently on PRs and issues again!

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Amazing, thank you! This also showed up for me yesterday and I made so many typos! Really appreciate the quick response here.

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Ctrl+E started to be a shortcut of `quoting code` - #26 by nethgato is a solution for me, unfortunately.

I don’t think I said I used only Mac. I still have this problem in Ubuntu Desktop. Could you address non-Mac environments against this?

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Please revert. I spend most of my day reviewing code on Linux and this is still not fixed and is hugely annoying.

CTRL+a, +e, et al. are almost universally assigned to cursor movement in other applications, and that GitHub doesn’t provide a way to disable this new behavior is enormously frustrating.

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Hi there @jamesob :wave:

I’ve elevated your experience (and our other Linux friends) to our team. I don’t have much of an update beyond that right now, but know that you are being seen and heard.

When I have more, or we have a check for Linux users as well, I will update this thread.


Hopefully this doesn’t conflate the issue here publicly, but …

… this specific change, and subsequent fix, is unrelated to the Linux user experience, and has to do with another change we made where a shortcut was added for code fence blocks. That change was introduced in March, and speaks to the OP.

When @jonioni replied back ~9 days ago, this was related to a unique change, that didn’t take user-agent into account.

So as I type this, it might seem to confuse the problems even more. But…

The OP is still unresolved for Linux users, while the newer behavior should be fixed globally.

We’re continuing to work on this, so our Linux users don’t get their shortcuts confused.

Will keep updating as I can!