Ctrl+E started to be a shortcut of `quoting code`

When I wrote GitHub Issues, Pull Request Descriptions, and comments, I used Emacs-like keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+F, … supported by the Chrome browser by native.

But recently, GitHub’s browser Markdown editor started to interrupt my Ctrl+E, and to make it quoting code, not “Go to the end of the line”.

Can I disable this new shortcut? This is really irritating for me…


Completely agree–ctrl+e is very widely used as a shortcut to move to the end of a line across many applications and operating systems. Ever since the Github text editor started catching it (relatively recently I think?) I’ve been constantly quoting words with backticks by accident. What makes it even more frustrating is that undo doesn’t actually undo it because it’s not a keystroke but something inserted by javascript!

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I am also annoyed by this new behavior. I don’t care about any custom shortcuts in the editor, so an option to disable them altogether would be okay by me.