CSV to json


Could anyone please help mw with converting a csv file to proper json format?

load your csv on this website to convert into json:


I hope to be useful. Good luck

Or let us know what programming language you are working in, if that is your preference.

Thank you for prompt response, but i dont need blank columns which is in CSV,

I need an array array.JPG

Thank you for response,

i have just created a csv file manually and need to convert this in proper json format, it is possible?

I need your csv so i can convert for you or put me an example how your csv is written

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please see file i have uploaded it on gdrive


If you don’t want the empty column remove them from the json. You have that column empty in the csv and there’s no way to not convert also them. Just delete them from json how I sad

I hope to be useful

thank you sir,

so bad for me