CSV Deploying as Pointer File but shows raw CSV on Github. Was added using GIT LFS

I have a repository I have pushed all of my files to here:

I am trying to deploy this repository to streamlit cloud. I have also attempted to deploy to heroku with the same issue, so I have traced it back to either an issue with Github or in my code somewhere I believe.

In the web_app.py file, the error is occurring on line 23 as the BIG-SHOWS-RAW.csv files is being displayed as a pointer file from git lfs rather than as the full csv file. When clicking on the file in Github, you are able to view the raw csv files and everything is correct there, so it seems like it was uploaded correctly.

Please let me know if I need to change the code in my python file or what may be causing this issue. Thank you in advance!

it was stored through Git LFS and that’s quite a very big file, it was actually just loading on my end

Thank you for answering! Right, because of the file size it’s stored through git lfs. Just tried again myself and the raw view loaded on my end without issues. Do you know why if it appears correctly in the raw view that when deploying it in an app it causes the pointer file to appear? Or would there be any better ways to store this file?

try to view it in Incognito and see whether it will load successfully

Incognito mode is a fresh tab of your browser, so you can test whether it will do the same thing

just wondering also what’s the content of that file, it’s quite strange for just a plaintext to be that large

It also loads the raw files successfully in incognito. It’s just in the deployment of the application from github that it converts from being this csv file to only showing the pointer file

It’s a few million rows of event ticket pricing data. Would there be a better alternative, such as cloud storage or using a database instead?