Css not reflecting on my html webpage

hello, i am just getting myself around web development and i recently tried publishing a webpage using repository and after all the files upload, only my html files showed, my css file wasn’t implemented but in my local host everything seem to be fine when i load the index file. here is the link https://bariya001.github.io/bariya/

how do i go about fixing this please?

Hello @bariya001, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

The issue appears to be the capitalization of your CSS folder. In the HTML page, you’re referencing css/styles.css, however, the CSS folder is named Css in your repository, with a capital C. File and Folder names are case-sensitive, so renaming the folder or changing the href value for your <link> element so that they match each other’s case should resolve the problem.

You can also enable this same functionality on windows, so that you can catch things like this before hand. Please see @tajmone’s post for more info on that:


@sethclydesdale you were spot on with that. i corrected the typo and its all good with the site now. here is the corrected link https://bariya001.github.io/personal/

thanks a whole lot.

i will follow the guide to get enable the case-sensitive behavior on a per-directory basis.