CSS Not formatting Correctly in GithubPages

Hi everyone! New to programming and need help understanding why my format is not populating correctly in Pages

Can someone help take a look at my repository here: GitHub - ora97/nucampsite: Course Campsite Project

And let me know why the formatting in Pages isn’t the same as this link here? This is what I get locally when running on live server: Screenshot, 2021-06-22 03:34:25 - Paste.Pics

Thank You!

Hi @ora97, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Looking at your repo it seems like your site is loading CSS from the css directory:

It also looks like you’re loading dependencies from the node_modules directory too, which GitHub doesn’t install during the build process:

However, from what I understand from your package.json you’re using a custom build process that moves compiled files to the dist directory. If you want a quick fix for this then you’ll need to update all your assets to point to these files instead. This will likely break your local development environment though.

For a longer fix you’ll probably want to introduce a step in your build process that modifies your HTML files automatically at build time to point to these compiled assets. Unfortunately it’s been a few years since I’ve done any web development myself so I can’t make any up to date recommendations on what to look for here :frowning_face:

I’d also recommend settings your site to serve from the gh-pages branch and using the gh-pages npm package to automate deployment to this branch. This will push the entire contents of your dist folder to the gh-pages branch on GitHub meaning you’re not polluting your main development branch with compiled dist files. Make sure to copy your HTML to the dist folder too if you choose to use this!