CSS Not being applied

Hi Github,

Very new to all of this so forgive me, but my CSS is not being applied to my html page, most of the other topic’s I’ve read all point to a referencing issue, however I have tried a few things and a few different references with no luck, I am certain I am missing something obvious.

Link: https://github.com/Mandrake-ux/First-Site

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Hello @Mandrake-ux, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

The issue appears to be related to the capitalization of the directory. Your css stylesheet currently resides in the CSS (uppercase) directory, however, in your webpage you’re referencing the css (lowercase) directory.

The directories are case-sensitive, so the issue can be solved in one of two ways.

  1. rename the CSS folder --> css
  2. or change the referenced directory from css --> CSS


Hi @Mandrake-ux and welcome on board!

@sethclydesdale is right, GH servers being Linux based have a case-sensitive file system.

Since you didn’t spot the problem locally, I’m assuming you’re working under Windows OS.

With Windows 10 you can now enable case-sensitive behavior on a per-directory basis, which is always a good solution when working with cross-platform projects on GitHub:

I recommend you apply case-sensitiveness to your local GitHub repositories — or store all repositories in a common root folder on which you enable case-sensitiveness — which would allow you to (1) spot case-related issues like this one, (2) prevent cross-platform inadvertent issues, (3) allow you to work with repositories that contain same-named file with different letter casing.

Just be aware that enabling case-sensitive files under Windows might lead to inconsistent behavior with some editors and IDEs, which might not detect correctly name changes or be able to handle same-named files with different casing (you’ll need to test various editors for this).


Hello @sethclydesdale, Thank you so much that fixed the issue, I had no idea they were case sensitive, thank you for the info and help!


Hello @tajmone Thank you so much for the feedback.

I really appreciate the detailed response, and have learned some helpful new things in my journey today. You are correct, I am indeed working with Windows 10. Thank you for the link, I will definitely be following this practice in future!

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