CSS not being applied to homepage.

So I just started using github the other day and tried to upload one of my website projects.  For some reason the CSS file is not being applied to the home page.  All the other pages work just fine and if i download the project zip and view the website from the folder the CSS is applied and the homepage looks how it should. Am i misssing somthing obvious here?



Edit: i seemed to have figured it out

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try this 

\<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://yourusernamegoeshere.github.io/assets/style/yourstylegoeshere.css"\>

target your repo style.css directory in github 

I found that if you have an existing repo, what they don’t mention in the GH Pages tutorial, is you just need to to go to settings in the repo, then scroll down to the Github Pages section, and then set the (master) branch (this is disabled by default), and save it.

This should create a page you can then goto in the browser.