CSS not being applied to certain pages


I’m having an issue with my site http://vnrl.github.io.

Earlier, I enabled HTTPS, and it broke how the site looked, so I turned it off. It’s now off for most pages, but it’s still on a few, and they look terrible, and they don’t follow the CSS at all.

The repository is GitHub - vnrl/vnrl.github.io

Any and all help appreciated.

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Have you ever tried changing your link from <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://vnrl.github.io/style/style.css"> to <link rel="stylesheet" href="/style/style.css">? It seems like you are using a CNAME, and it is just easier to use a / at the beginning of href, because it will go to the root of your domain, in this case “vnrl.vuaqava.cf”, and it will just pull it straight from whatever the root domain is, followed by the current path.

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That worked, thanks so much!