CSS not being applied in pages :/

@ [sethclydesdale]
I am facing the same issue.
I’m trying to move my code of HTML and CSS over here. HTML is working, but CSS is not being applied. I’m obviously doing something wrong. But I can’t figure it out. link to website is: https://vaishnavipandey.github.io/Personal-CV/

Hello @VaishnaviPandey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

In your index.html file, you’re referencing folders that do not exist in your repo.

  1. css/styles.css
  2. images/cloud.png
  3. images/mountain.png

Removing the bold portion on these resources OR creating these folders and sticking those resources in them should resolve the issue.

In the future if you have similar issues, you can also open your browser’s devtools (F12 OR CTRL+SHIFT+I) and check the console for possible errors, since it usually gives some hints for resolving them.


In the image above you can see various 404 errors. Hovering over the resource link shows where it tried to pull the resource from.

I am new to github.I am Learning how to use it well. Thank-you so much for helping me out.

Vaishnavi Pandey

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hey! thanks man…because of u i got a way to get out of my problem

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I have the same problem and I am not able to submit my online course assignments because of it ,my URL is https://bakugou123-ai.github.io/module3solutions/,can someone please help me out? Thanks :slight_smile:

I am having some issues deploying my gh-pages site. It would seem the CSS file is not being picked up and I am not sure why? https://kubowania.github.io/pacman-AI-live/

repo: https://github.com/kubowania/pacman-AI-live

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facing the same problem brother even my cloud nd mountain images are not displaying please help me out

This is happening because you’re referencing your CSS file as if it’s inside a folder called css, but your styles.css file is in the root of your repository:

You’ll either need to change this to the following, or create a folder called css and move your CSS file inside it:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

You’re having a similar issue with your images, you’ll need to update your asset links or move them inside a folder called images.

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Thank you so much SIR <3

same problem, can someone please take a look?

thanks in advance!!!

Thanks bro. It helped me :slight_smile: