CSS is not being applied on the Sphinx HTML documentation generated on my Docusaurus website

Hello folks, good day!

I’m not having CSS rendered for the pages under this particular URL - https://divya-mohan0209.github.io/docusaurus-current-theme/rucio/

The CSS, however, along with the imaging is being rendered perfectly for pages one level up - https://divya-mohan0209.github.io/docusaurus-current-theme/

A bit more about my project:

  • I am using Sphinx to convert Python RST files into HTML
  • The HTML files are built into the rucio directory and are published on to GH-pages using docusaurus.

Docusaurus is being used since we anticipate the requirement of MDX support.

I’ve included a .nojekyll file per the suggestions here in the rucio directory, since I’m aware Jekyll excludes stuff after _ in a file.