CSS is missing when deploying GitHub pages from different branch


I recently tried to switch the branch used for GitHub pages from master to development.

Here is the strange thing: Although both branches hold the same content, the browser only shows the pure HTML content without CSS when the development branch is used to build the page, and it works normally if the master branch is used.

Did anyone experience something similar, or has an idea what the problem could be?
It looks like a bug in GitHub pages for me.

Hi @Tschakki, welcome to the GitHub Support community!

Can you post a link to your Pages site and a link to the repository you’re hosting it from? That should make it easier to debug what’s going wrong here.

Hi @thomasshaped!

Thanks for your reply! These are the links:

GH pages: https://liskhq.github.io/lisk-docs/
Repository: https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk-docs

It looks like your site is loading the CSS correctly for me. Have you managed to figure this out or is it still broken somewhere? If so, can you send me a direct link to the page you’re having an issue with?