CSS for GH Pages project site using remote_theme not built / installed

I’m working on a theme for Canvas (the learning management system) pages that I would like to serve (via an iframe) out of GitHub Pages – the actual content is developed and stored on GitHub. I’m having trouble with the CSS for the project GH Pages sites not being generate or installed when the pages are served from GH.

* The theme repository is here: https://github.com/DouglasUrner/canvas

* The repository I’m testing with is here: https://github.com/Game-Design-and-Programming-Template/PlaygroundProject-Resources

* The GH Pages site is here: https://game-design-and-programming-template.github.io/PlaygroundProject-Resources

Note that the CSS calls for a sans-serif font, but the site is rendered with a serif font. Also, in the web inspector you can see that the CSS (/css/style.css) fails to load – currently I’m trying to load it twice just in case the version tag isn’t working as I expect.

Here is the _config.yml from the theme:

theme: canvas
title: Jekyll Theme for Canvas
markdown: kramdown

# We specify the directory for Jekyll so we can use @imports.
  sass_dir: _scss

Here is the _config.yml from the repository that I’m trying to apply the theme to:

remote_theme: douglasurner/canvas
baseurl: /PlaygroundProject-Resources

Any suggestions for what to try or read or how to troubleshoot further would be most welcome.

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Hi @douglasurner,

I tried this on my own site and encountered the same issue with your remote theme. I suspect this is because Jekyll expects CSS assets to be built and contained within /assets/css and right now your CSS assets are just built in a /css folder.

Can you try building the CSS assets in /assets/css and letting me know if that works?

Kindest regards,

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Thank you for taking a look at it. I moved the css folder on the theme to assets/css in the top level of the theme, and now I get an error :smiley:

The error comes from the site using the theme (https://game-design-and-programming-template.github.io/PlaygroundProject-Resources/). The error message is:

Your site is having problems building: Your SCSS file assets/css/style.scss has an error  
on line 1: File to import not found or unreadable: typography.   
Load path: /hoosegow/.bundle/ruby/2.4.0/gems/jekyll-theme-primer-0.5.3/\_sass.   
For more information, see  

There must be something wrong it the @import statement, but it *looks* right.

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It looks like the problem may be related to renaming the _sass directory to _scss.

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It looks like you’ve managed to get this all fixed now? :smiley: