cs50 student check50 failure

Good (whatever time of day it is where you are), all.   I’m a complete newbe to this forum and forum posting in general and so that you might understand my naivete (poss read stupidity) in this regard I should tell you that I’m 71 years old and recently enrolled in the computer science course at harvard and up to now this type of social interaction has not been necessary in my life or anywhere on my horizon.  So I lack any sort of background or experience and skills that might help me to better or more naturally participate.    So I apologise if im posting to the wrong board or misconducting myself in some other way - just let me know - I’m happy to learn.    So to my question - at last!

I’m currently on the ‘Crack’ problem in pset2 and having submitted my solution thru submit50 received a score of 96%.  (btw - my style50 result had given the all clear ‘looks good’ - so no issues there.)   When my score has been below par for other psets, I have used check50 and gone thru the results.   However when i run check50 for Crack, all i get returned is ’ :slight_smile: crack submitted’.   No other feedback at all.   Very - very frustrating as im totally in the dark as to wtf has gone wrong with my code… it seems perfect to me (lol).      Can anybody help, or point me in the right direction.   Please treat with a little urgency as I’ve just read an article about the alarming rate at which I’m loosing brain cells in this, my 7th decade.    I’m worried the answer may arrive too late for me to understand it, lol.