Creation logs are not being displayed

Creation logs are not being displayed.

 ERR Unknown webview handle:42e2ae71-7e91-438e-9b92-daeaa5aef46e: Error: Unknown webview handle:42e2ae71-7e91-438e-9b92-daeaa5aef46e
    at I.getWebview (
    at I.$setHtml (
    at p._doInvokeHandler (
    at p._invokeHandler (
    at p._receiveRequest (
    at p._receiveOneMessage (
    at (
    at (
    at t.PersistentProtocol._receiveMessage (

Trying to debug my dotfiles. Any help is appreciated!

Update: I was able to see the logs through my local vs code > Code Spaces: View Creation Log. Still not able to see it in codespaces.

This looks like the same issue as was reported for extensions here that was a bug: Unable to render markdown preview

The good news is a fix should be deployed soon!

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The fix should now be out!

I created a new codespace, still has the same error :thinking::

ERR Unknown webview handle:85c16169-6418-41d4-8964-20d94e43a900: Error: Unknown webview handle:85c16169-6418-41d4-8964-20d94e43a900

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Hmmm - Okay, the update may still be rolling out across different regions. It should land soon, if not, we can try to see what may be going on in this specific situation.

Thanks! I’ll try again in the AM.

Good morning @Chuxel, Just tried, no luck same error :confused:

Sorry to ask you to verify one more time but I do think deployments fully completed after your post so if you can do that and let us know that’d be great.

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Working now, thanks for following up!

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