Creating Repository: Resource is not accessible by integration

Trying to use new GithubApp Installation  token to create a repository for a user (personal account). 

Same exact flow works just fine for organization (using installation token and org.Login name)

Docs for GithubApp are pretty vague on mentioning how APIs are working differently for users and organization and exactly which ones can be used with installation token (server-to-server) and which ones still require only OAuth token (user-to-server)

My assumption is that repository create endpoint for personal accounts is usable only with user-to-server OAuth token communication -> can anyone confirm please?

IMHO the fact there’s a different authontatication method based of account Type breaks the whole user auth flow a lot. Hope soon it will be just github apps installation. Docs are pretty confusing right now.

Essentially, any time you’re acting on behalf of an individual user, you’ll need user-level permissions. So yes, if you want to create a repository for a user, your GitHub App will need a user-level permission for that.

I hope that helps!