Creating PR betwen git repos when github is unaware they are forks of each other


I’m trying to create a PR for lirtlsdr/librtlsdr from xloem/rtl-sdr, but github is not aware they are forks because they originated from differing imports of the project; they do share historical git commits.

Is there any way to link these projects in github’s system, so I can make the PR?


What about forking the lirtlsdr/librtlsdr repo to your account, then applying your changes locally there, then making a PR?

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Hi Mark,

That’s the solution I ended up using.  There is a larger ecosystem problem, though, where this project has a handful of different imports into github, many of which have significant activity and forking of their own going on.  It’s hard to participate in them together.

It sounds like there is no way at the moment to work towards resolving the situation?


Probably not. But as said, you can easily just fork it yourself, clone it then force push your changes. However, the moderators could write this down as a feature reqeuest.


Hey @mpboom, thanks for the mention, and thank you and @xloem. We appreciate the feedback. I’ll pass it along to the appropriate teams, but I can’t make any promises!

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Thanks so much all =)

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