Creating own variable in Shell script

I am running a shell script in an action and has the contents below

BUILD_TS=`date +"%Y%m%d%H%M"`

docker build -t$MY_APP:$BUILD_TS

Will it be affected by the following change below?

If so other than passing in arguments, what can be done? especially since I would really like to have $BUILD_TS

The shell script…

What you define there are variables, not environment variables. You also don’t echo ::set-env or ::add-path, which are the two workflow commands that are deprecated.

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ok thanks, then it could be something else that was generating those warnings…

I think I might have used something like $GCP_PROJECT_ID which is also set it github secrets… which caused this?

I added link to the shell script file at the start of the topic

Many actions including official GitHub actions use outdated dependencies.

Version 1.2.6 of @actions/core implements the new way of setting environment variables using a file. Action authors will have to update their dependencies.

Any action which uses an older version may cause a depreciation warning in the annotations of workflow runs.