Creating new file which is based out of pre defined format


I am helping a team to create a GitHub project. As part of it, the team wants that every time someone creates a new file, it is with a predefined format/template. 

for example, we have below format defined. Every time the user creates a new file, it had format already in a new file, this will save time and efforts.

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Hi @githubtheuser

Thanks for being here. You can make an existing repository a template, so you and others can generate new repositories with the same directory structure, branches, and files. 

Hi @andreagriffiths11,

I’m having a similar requirement where I need to create multiple files with a similar template (over a period of time). How do we use the github template repository to achieve this? To be clear, I don’t want to create new repositories every time, rather new files from a template.

You could create an Actions workflow that checks if files follow the expected template. If people have to create pull requests for the new files you could also require checks to pass before merging, so non-conforming files can’t get merged.