Creating my Sponsors Profile led to broken Stripe Connect Info

I was setting up the sponsorship for my organization which has a Stripe account with a registered business in the USA. My personal account is listing my current location as Berlin, Germany.

For some reason, during the “Create a Stripe Connect Account” all options related to the Business info were related to German requirements. As such, I am unable to get forward with document verification and I am unable to go back and delete the account.

I asked at Stripe’s support if they could do anything, they said I should ask with Github about it - as the accounts are created on Github side. I sent a message to GH support and they just punted back to Stripe. I responded back to GH support indicating that Stripe believes the issue is on GH side, but there has been no answer so far.

Would it be possible to close/re-open the Github account at Stripe Connect?

Hello! Welcome to the community.

Since this is an account-specific question, for security and privacy purposes we would need you to contact private support via our contact form. As you stated, you’re already in touch with private support and it appears they’re working with you to resolve the problem, so you’ll need to follow up with them for any further action. Because of this, I’m going to close this topic.

I hope that helps!