Creating Github actions to make sure Xamarin apps build

I am a Xamarin iOS & Android app developer. I have a .Net solution that has an NUnitTest project to perform all my UnitTesting.

The target framework of the project is .NET Framework 4.5 and I’m just trying to make the Action run every time I make a commit in a Pull Request. I am using NUnit package version 2.6.4

I have been searching and looking far and wide to try to be able to do it, but I have wasted several days and have been extremely unsuccessful.

According to the Github docs, Github’s MacOS runners do support NUnit Test Framework v3.6.1. Can I update my package to 3.12, or will it now work on their runners anymore?

What are some good resources for me to sort this stuff out? Videos/Blogs/Documentation?

Currently, we seems have no commands or actions to upgrade NUnit in the workflow run. You need to manually download and upgrade NUnit on the machine where the runner is hosted.
So if you have macOS machine or VM, you upgrade NUnit to the latest version NUnit v3.12 on the macOS machine, and install a shelf-hosted runner on the machine to run your workflow.

Download NUnit v3.12 from:
NUnit Documentation:

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Alright, after months, I finally figured it out!

I wrote a blog post showing how you can setup automated builds using GitHub Actions for Xamarin repos in seconds!  (Unmetered link)

There’s also a video in there, that shows me walking through it

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