Creating branches for each project and using master as the archive - is it possible?

Hi Guys, 

Following on from my question about having git repos inside of git repos I have getting this set up but I not have another question.  This time about using annotated tags.

So I thought that in the /bin/ and /src/ repos, I would create branches for each project.



and so on.  All the files for that particular project would be held in that branch while they were being worked on.  Then if there was any bugs that needed to be fixed or features that needed to be added, a branch from the project branch would be created.

So for example:  If the project was for “App Chat” then in the /bin/ directory, I would take a branch off the the master branch and call it app-chat.  All the working material for the “App Chat” project would live in the app-chat branch.

Then if there was a bug that needed fixed, or a feature that needed added, I would take a branch off of app-chat, give it the issue number followed by the project name, followed by a short discription of the branches purpose - like this:


When the bug was fixed or the feature had been added, I would merge that branch back into the primary app-chat branch and then tag the primary app-chat branch with an annotated tag to give details of the bug that was fixed or feature that was added and create a new version from that point.

Once the project had been completed and deployed, all the working material todate would be aded to a tarball and then deleted.  So at this point, the only thing that would be left on the app-chat branch would be the tarball containing all the relevent project material todate.  

At this point, the app-chat branch would be merged back into the master.

So in general, the master branch for the /bin/ repo would only ever contain instructions for using the repository (described above) and an archive of tarballs, each representing a past project that has now been completed.

Is this something that is viable - would I be able to do this or can I not use git and GitHub in this way?

I don’t see why it isn’t possible.

The only point where see a problem is (I’m not 100% sure) that I think you can’t use hastags in branch names. But then you could just leave out the hashtag.