Creating annotations for failed tests in files not in the commit changeset

When using problem matchers to find test errors in the log it’s useful to be able to highlight the test that failed by creating an annotation on the line of the test assertion that failed along with the test error message. However if the test that failed is in a file that did not change the link provided in the Annotations box points to an annotation that doesn’t exist. Clicking on the link takes you to the commit but the annotation doesn’t exist.

Have you considered enabling this use-case?

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Just noticed you introduced a beta of this feature, now there’s a Unchanged files with check annotations section, unfortunately the anchor-jump doesn’t work for the annotation at the moment, it however does if I use an anchor for the line just above the annotation. So it’s probably just a minor bug you guys need to work out. Great work Team GitHub Actions!

It seems like the beta featue I mentioned above is no longer enabled. Can you elaborate on this @thboop ? This is very much needed feature for us as it fits very well with how we want to use Github Actions to run our CI with test error reporting. Is it possible to have it renabled for a particular org?

Bump … This is still not fix.