Creating an admin panel fo Github Pages website

I have a blog-like webpage designed with simply HTML & CSS. In order to upload new posts to my Github-hosted website, I create a new file, with styling, write my post in it, and save the file in my repository. It works perfectly fine. However, if I want to have an admin panel, in order to post easily and manage my site ( like adding tags or comment section) what should I do? What technologies, languages or services I need? I don’t know where to start, so any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi @gecicidegisken, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Most sites that use an admin panel to manage content are built using a CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress or Drupal. However, these tools are built using PHP, Java, Ruby, or other languages that require server-side processing, which GitHub Pages doesn’t support.

In this instance you should think of as your content management system and either write your content directly on, or by cloning your repository locally and writing your content there.

If you do really want to use a CMS to manage your content then I’d recommend searching around for popular CMS tools, though you will also need to find a different hosting provider other than GitHub.

Thank you so much! You saved me from lots of useless effort :slight_smile: I guess I will continue writing locally, and if I want to go further in the future, I will consider another hosts. Thanks again!

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