Creating an action for publishing data

I would like to give an honest try at creating an action, that displays certain data on a certain page.

Now. I have no idea where to really begin, but for starters, I would really like to know a couple of things about the two different pages you access, for the same workflow run.

  • First page, accessed from Actions tab

  • Second page, accessed through a link in the Checks section, on a PR page

Interesting thing to note, you can access the first page from the second page, but not the other way around.

SO, what I would like to know is:

  1. Is there another way to access the second page from anywhere else, but a PR ?
  2. How do I go about creating an item like the “SonarCloud” on the left, which opens the content on the right ?
  3. Also how do I go about creating that label on the PR page, that leads to this second page ?
  4. Are there any guides specifically on doing that and doing that with MD/JS or HTML/CSS/JS ?

Thank you!

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