Creating a `.yml` file without a name leads to 500 error

Hi guys! The problem that I’ve faced seems pretty straightforward. When creating a new Action entry (containing anything inside) and committing it with an empty name, leaving only the extension, which is .yml, leads to the state, where I can’t access the page with the workflow:

Trying to navigate to that page - leads to the Error 500 page:

As a workaround, I know that I can go to the repo source code, particularly under the .github/workflows directory and delete that .yml file. But I thought that there are definitely few possibilities of improvement in this case. For example, not allow users to commit file with such name, at least from the UI… :+1:

here’s the repo from the screenshot - clsx/.github/workflows at master · chulanovskyi/clsx · GitHub

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In fact, the workaround which I thought would work - is not working. The broken action is still present in the UI and it is inaccessible: