Creating a team: personal account or business/institution?

I’m creating a team for an online community that wants to collaborate on coding projects. The code will be open source. Our community is informal: there is no registered organization, no leadership, no contact points (email or otherwise) other than a Slack workspace with an admin who is the initiator of the community. This person is not a programmer, and will therefore not be involved in github projects.

When creating the team, I get the following question:

This organization belongs to:
- My personal account
- A business or institution

What would be the right choice here? As we are not a formal organization, I think it should be “My personal account”, but I don’t want to be seen by the community as hijacking some privileged role. What are the consequences of this choice, and are any of the consequences irrevertible?


Yes i think you might be go with the personel account because its the best option for all who are join your team the other, option is not suitable.

My personal account will be the best option fo for it

Personal account is the one to choose in your situation. For the business/institution option, you will be asked to agree to other terms of use, which e.g. include provisions for company representatives to assume control of the organization.

For ‘personal’ organizations, you’ll be responsible for this yourselves.