Creating a second fork on a repository from same user


Is it possible to create a second fork from a repository using same user as the first fork? If it is possible what will happen to the first fork once the 2nd fork is created?



It’s not possible to create two forks of the same repository in the same user account, no. Although, it’s rarely necessary to do so since if you need to keep two different repository states around, you can always use git branches.

On the other hand, you can create a single fork and then create a non-forked copy of the repository. The copy won’t have the easy support for pull requests though.

If you can give some more details as to what it is you’re trying to accomplish, I can probably give some more advice.

Let us know!

I have a similar problem.

I wish to:

  • have plain fork of a repository A so i can submit PRs upstream to A;

  • have a repository that i initialise from A and give it an independent life by developing on it. I wish to develop on master (and not some other branch), just to keep the dev env free of any caveats. And I need an ocassionall pull from upstream to keep it up-to-date with A.

So how does one create a “non-fork” copy that allows seemlessly keeping it up to date with upstream?

I wonder what is the logic behind allowing only one fork. As the documentian says:
“Most commonly, forks are used to either propose changes to someone else’s project or to use someone else’s project as a starting point for your own idea.”
And this is exactly right, as to:

  • propose changes to someone else’s project

- use someone else’s project as a starting point for your own idea

are two independent motivations for needing a fork and one could simultanously entertain both and thus need more than one fork.

If you want to use “master” for your own development, why not rename the tracking branch for upstream’s “master”? E.g. track it on a branch called “upstream”, and do develoment on you “master”.