Creating a course gets stuck at "Creating the course repositories..."


i’m trying to create a cource through with no success.

When I try to create a course the page stays at 

09:10:38 Creating the course repositories...

I tried all the suggested fixes from this forum, cache cleanups, disabled extensions, re-install the learning labs app but nothing seems to be working.

After a lot of attempts with the same outcome, I took a look at the js console and saw the following websocket error message

event: "console-end"
id: "xyz"
  time: "09:10:38"
  message: "Invalid course type: undefined"
  color: "red"
  success: false

This message is not displayed on the page for some reason.

Cant figure out what is going on and how to resolve this issue. 

Any ideas on how to resolve this and proceed?


Thanks for the report, @proditis. Another post has reported this issue and I have flagged it for the learning lab engineers.

You can also use for the yaml validator as well as yaml converter to json,csv,xml,base64 also for beautify and minify YAML.