Creating a copy of a repository I cloned onto my local machine

I forked a shared repository onto my personal github and then cloned the repository from my github onto my local machine.

I made some edits to it on my local machine, then created a copy of the folder, deleted the previous folder, and worked on the new folder instead.

Now I want to push the new folder I was working on onto my github account. But I’m getting an error saying “Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.”

Do I have to re-clone a blank copy onto my local machine and copy and paste all my edits in order to push it onto my github?
How do I get github to recognize my new folder as a clone or push my current edits onto github?

Hi @annab4492 :wave:

You will need to check the upstream remote link to make sure it is pointing to your fork.

git remote -v

If your remote does not point to your fork, you will need to set the remote origin so that it points to your specific fork.

$ git remote set-url origin https://git-repo/new-repository.git

Also check your git configuration in your local environment.

$ git config --list Sally